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Monday, December 23, 2013

Condensation and Hydrolysis Reactions

Part A

Proteins are composed of amino acids joined together.
Part B

The central carbon atom in an amino acid is bonded to an amino functional group, a carboxyl functional group, a side chain, and hydrogen.
Part C

The carboxyl group (COOH) contains two oxygen atoms that tend to pull electrons away from the hydrogen atom, so this group tends to lose a proton and is acidic.
Part D

Nucleotide monomers make up nucleic acids.
Part E

A hydroxyl group is removed from the carboxyl group of one amino acid and hydrogen is removed from the amino group of the other amino acid, allowing a bond to form between the two groups.
Part F

Enzymes in the digestive tract break down food molecules, which is a process that occurs by hydrolysis.

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